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LCR EMERGING ARTIST REVIEW: A Conversation With Soundz.

This interview with Soundz should have been a video but due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We had to bring it to you in print.

Today’s interview is with a promising act who is known for his ability to create amazing hooks and also for his vocal range and voice type. Each song he releases is different from the next , since he has a distinct taste in music. 

Soundz is a brand that recognizes real, he is a singer, songwriter and producer. 

“His aim is to make Music and make Memories “

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Idowu Samuel Oluwadarasimi. But i’m popularly known as Soundz.

How did you come up with the name Soundz?

I came up with it while I was moving from just being an Artist alone into being a music producer also. I was using the stage name “Sahmizy” but it sounded really awkward and funny. I wanted something unique so I figured since I couldn’t play any musical instrument, I’d just work with the SOUNDZ I hear in my head and that’s how the name came about. I really like it.

At what point did you decide to pursue music?

I started pursuing music when Immediately I graduated from secondary school in 2016. It wasn’t an easy decision, there was no money to fund the movement too but the passion for it and the vision for the future just took a strong hold on my decision.

What does your parent think about your music career?

They are totally okay with it now. At first, they opposed my decision until I proved to them that it was something I loved and it as not an excuse for me to live a wayward life.

Did you start as a chorister in the church, since most musicians began that way?

Nah I never tried out for the choir, in fact I always ran away. 

Who influenced your type of music and what is your major genre?

Maleek Berry and most recently, Fireboy. They always make music beautiful. They have a way of transforming the buzz and moves in the streets into music. They bring music into life and that is the goal. My major genre is Afrosoul.

Do you do anything else asides singing?

Yes. I do Music Production as well as Songwriting. When I do these things I lit up with excitement. This is because music and innovation are all the things that run through my mind. 

How do you get to manage Songwriting and Music production with your singing career?

I love doing the three. So I don’t have any special way of handling them together since they are all still in the same field, I just do what I have to do when I have to do it. 

Any challenges faced when working?

Yeah a couple, the working environment matters, The state of mind and the job itself. Sometimes I come up with something then I begin to think its not good enough. Then I go back and recreate just to make it better.

Are you signed?

No I am not

Why not?

I haven’t gotten the deal or contract that goes in line with my brand yet. In fact, there was a time a label offered to sign me for a particular amount of money lets say 1m, then make a public announcement that they signed me for 100m. Then they said they’d set up fake giveaway stunts to make me trend and all. Pathetic!

Since you are unsigned , how do you manage to push and publicize your music?

I have a strong team of brilliant minds and good friends who stand together as my management. I cant trade them for anything.

Any new project?

Yesss. I just released a new single titled DARASIMI and it has been bursting speakers I must say. I had 10k plays on Audiomack in just 3 days even before it got uploaded on Apple. My music is on all reasonable platforms right now. Please stream!

What is the song about if i may ask?

The song is about my hopes and dreams in life basically. It explains the fact that the God factor is key to achieving any set goal in life. I can’t wait to be able to take care of my family and friends through my art. 

If you could describe yourself with a song what would it be?

if i could define my self in a song, it’d definitely be Gold by Adekunle Gold.

What are your expectations for 2021?

I expect to be at a point where my sound and style is properly defined. My sound should’ve reached a larger audience internationally. I’m not really bothered about being number one ,i just want my music to be enjoyed and related with.

Do you have any message for your fans?

I just want them to know that it is very important that they enjoy whatever it is they find doing and should stop at nothing to achieve their desires or dream. Good things take a lot of time to come Though you have to be stubborn, you have to want it. And above all put God first in anything you finna do.

Asides all the serenre i just said, click the link to stream Darasimi. E jor edakun , i no proud. 

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